Contributing to Corporación Sagrada Familia is simple

You can contribute to the development of our programs through our support bonds for every occasion. Thanks to your contribution, we will continue to provide comprehensive care to children in vulnerable communities, from their gestation to the beginning of their school age.


Online donations

You can also make an online donation using PayU or PayPal. Through PayU you can make donations for $10,000 COP, $20,000 COP, $30,000 COP, $50,000 COP, $100,000 COP, $500,000 COP or $1,000,000 COP, while through PayPal you can freely select the USD value you wish to donate.

Bonds for every occasion









Where to buy

Our support bonds for every occasion are available for purchase at the following locations in the city of Manizales:


Questions or concerns?

If you have questions or concerns about how you or your company can contribute to Corporación Sagrada Familia, you can use the form below to write to us. We will respond to the email you enter as soon as possible.

If you wish to contact us via email, you can write to us at or if you wish to call us, you can do so by dialing +57 (606) 886 37 20.

You can also write or visit us at Cl 60 # 23 A-25 / Barrio La Estrella in the city of Manizales / Caldas.