The Corporación de la Sagrada Familia was founded by Mr. Bernardo Londoño Villegas in the city of Manizales, who in 1959 summoned the main businessmen of the city to: “help the people, educate and promote training”.

Useful generations for society

To make this initiative a reality, business, commercial and land leaders of the city were summoned.

At the beginning, and in response to the founder's initiative, training was given to women and men in welding, bakery, literacy, religion, culinary and dressmaking, among others, with the aim of forming useful generations for society.

Expansion and first stores

Our reach began to expand to the vulnerable sectors of the city in the Galán, Carmen, Pio XII, Asís, Nevado, Paraíso, Avanzada and Caribe neighborhoods.

Under guidelines from the voluntary ladies, the Promoción stores (later called Marionetas) were created in the city where children's and work clothes were sold, all of them made by benefactor mothers of the Corporation.

First nurseries and kindergartens

Then, while providing training and work to female heads of household, the first nurseries and later kindergartens were created during the decade of the 60s and 70s.

In Corporación Sagrada Familia we continue to bring well-being to children and their families in vulnerable situations, through our missional programs.

Semillitas de Paz kindergarten

At Semillitas de Paz Kindergarten, located in the El Carmen neighborhood, we provide education to 40 children using the Reggio Emilia methodology, where children are the ones who build their learning, complementing it with programs in values and providing them with the affection, attention and care that they need.


Caja de Ilusiones program

At the beginning of 2013, we launched the Caja de ilusiones program, with the objective of supporting pregnant women and their babies in vulnerable conditions, reducing maternal and infant mortality and creating an emotional bond between the mother and her baby.


Our purpose for the future

At Corporación Sagrada Familia we have the purpose of continuing to provide comprehensive care to children from vulnerable communities from their gestation to the school age, working with their parents, through our two missional programs.