At the beginning of 2013, we launched the Caja de Ilusiones program, with the objective of supporting pregnant women and their babies in vulnerable conditions, reducing maternal and infant mortality and creating an emotional bond between the mother and her baby.



This pro-life program offers pregnant women support in training and nutritional control, breastfeeding workshops, early stimulation, self-esteem and a handcraft class where they build a craft for their baby. Also, we end the program by giving them a box/crib which contains clothing, shelter and grooming items for their baby. The Caja de Ilusiones program covers the first months of life of the baby.


During these first years and through strategic alliances with different entities, natural persons, private companies and volunteers, Caja de ilusiones has served more than 900 pregnant women in the municipalities of Manizales, Villamaría, Manzanares, Pensilvania, Chinchiná, Palestina and the county of Arauca



You can contribute to the protection and safety of a mother and her unborn child

At Corporación Sagrada Familia we present you different ways in which you or your company can contribute to sponsor one of our mothers and their unborn children:


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Questions or concerns?

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