The Semillitas de Paz Kindergarten, located in the Carmen neighborhood, provides education to 40 children using the Reggio Emilia methodology, where children are the ones who build their learning, complementing it with values programs, and providing them with the affection, attention and care that they need



Semillitas de Paz Kindergarten is an educational institution for vulnerable communities, complementing the educational task of the family; It is based on an integral conception of the human person, their dignity, their rights and duties, through personal, inclusive and harmonious training, so that the students end being good men and women, protagonists of their own growth.

In our kindergarten we also conduct workshops for parents on issues related to education and childcare. In addition to this, the Marionetas store, located inside our kindergarten, offers the community second-hand clothes and toys at low prices.

Throughout these years, at Semillitas de Paz Kindergarten, we have served more than 12,000 children.


You can contribute to the integral development of a vulnerable child

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